Games, tools and other random bits and pieces.


This site is mainly about game development, but it is also a place to show off any games or other useful code bits.

The main purpose of the site is to make me a better developer. At the same time, I want to pass on the knowledge of what has worked for me, and some of what does not work. I am hoping that what I have learnt will be useful to other developers out there.

My day job is web development, and I get to work with the giants of the web world. So I would like to think my web development skills are right up there. Saying that, most of my time is spent building websites or interactive experiences; games are not normally on the radar.

I first got interested about building games at university. At that stage, I was studying digital art, building a website was a small module within the larger degree. I fell in love with the logic of it all. A computer will do exactly what you tell it to. If there is an issue, it's your fault. My skills have build built up over years, but as always the more you learn, the more your realise there is to learn.

I've build several games, mainly for a games competition for called Ludum Dare, but it's an area I really want to push into. I build games for two reasons 1) they are fun 2) if you can build a game, your can build pretty much anything your can imagine!

My latest work uses a a framework called phaser. If you're looking for a quick setup, try my slush phaser template.