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One game per week

22 Feb 2014 | development

I'm being inspired. Before I took my current job, I was hungry for games. I entered Ludum Dare three times, and I thought I did quite well. My job is a curse and a blessing. I get to work on some amazing projects and with some top clients (shameless plug). Because I'm inspired at work, I get home and don't feel the need to build more games.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon LessMilk. It's a site built by a guy named Thomas. Basically he's building one game per week; that's quite full on. I know I've got a few games up my sleeves, but I'm not sure I could build one a week.

I like to spend some time planning my games, and working on the framework to hang them off. This inevitably takes time, and I don't always get round to completing them. I'm going to make a stronger effort to complete some games. Part of that effort is in blogging. I'm not going to build a game per week, but I'll try to blog at least once per week.

As fun as playing around building frameworks is, it's time I let someone else do the hard graft and get a kick start. For an internal project I used a great rendering engine called PIXI. It's a 2D WebGL tool that enabled my to build quickly, without the headache of all those shaders.

From getting a grounding in PIXI, I got introduced to a fully blown game engine called Phaser. I was happy to discover Thomas is also using it for his games. As a quick starting game I thought I would make a flappy bird clone, called floppy fish. It's work in progress, but I'm planning on actually finishing it.

I've been working on my game for the past week or so, and Thomas must have read my mind, because he's just added a tutorial to point me in the right direction. My code will be different, for a start I'm using browserify to organise my code, but I think I'll leave that for another blog on organising code.