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Best games of Ludum Dare 29

17 May 2014 | ludum dare

I've played quite a few games over the past few weeks (102 to be precise). They were all part of Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game jam. Some of the games were great, others were unfinished and buggy. I'll attempt to point out some of the best ones.


It's you vs the beast, a simple hack and slash game. I loved the styles of this, really nice pixel art.

Rated 5/5


I've spent too much time playing this game. Think breaking bad meets Sim tower.

Rated 5/5

Sub Human

You play as two people at the same time, one above the surface and one below it. The graphics are great, and it's very playable.

Rated 4/5

Planet Improver

Not for everyone, but I liked this text based game. It's your job to terraform a planet. You control what is happening with an old school command line computer.

Rated 5/5

Beyond The Dark

You play as a miner who is trapped beneath the surface. The lighting impressed me about this one, dark and dingy! I wasn't a massive fan of the controls though.

Rated 4/5

Dig Hard

Did down to the core of the planet to save the president. Fantastics arcade actions, guns and dinosaurs.

Rated 5/5

Beneath Colossal

Beneath Colossal is the story of an ancient myth that haunts the nearby lands. Another game with amazing pixel graphics.

Rated 4/5

No Eyes Willy

One of my favourite games I played. It's a simple platform game, where you don't control Willy directly but stop him from falling into things. It's got a great colour scheme, simple and muted.

Rated 5/5

The Monastery

A party based RPG where you checkout an old monastery. Old school gaming at it's best.

Rated 5/5


A great little platform game where your are a robot thrown into the basement of a library. Your task is too escape.

Rated 5/5

There are loads more games to play, and so little time. I would have liked to have played more games. Still the results are due in a few days so we shall see how well my entry does.

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