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Entering the third dimension

22 Sep 2014 | 3d

Lately I have been enjoying building retro 2d games, but now is a great time to get into 3d. Why the change, well the latest version of iOS includes webGL in its browsers. This is not an advert for Apple, but is does mean that almost all the major browsers now support webGL. The way I see it, if I do not learn this now, I will get behind the trend.

I have tried to get into webGL before, diving in at the deep end trying to do everything myself. I would not recommend this. It put me off until now. If I were you I would go learn three.js get the basics down, then tackle it if you need to dive deeper.

In the coming weeks I will post more about my journey, and highs and lows and a few examples. I am trying to learn three.js and blender side by side. Blender is a 3d modeling tool, and from first looks it is powerful. Not bad for a free bit of software.