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Testing first 14 Mar 2014

Take a look at another way of developing, test first - code later. Changing the way you think will mean that you plan out what you want to build better, and save time later on when you come to build it. It took me a while to get my head around this concept, but I don't think I will go back to my old ways anytime soon.

Mini Ludum Dare 50 announced 09 Mar 2014

You you need an excuse to build something, a competition is a great motivator. The main Ludum Dare event can feel like a lot of pressure, so here is a simpler (or less pressured) version to get you started.

Time to document 06 Mar 2014

It's very easy to get carried away writing code without making any notes about it. Have you ever come back to code and gone "what did that do?". Creating documentation shouldn't be hard. We will take a look at JSDuck a tool for generating documentation for you.

Phaser Introduction 01 Mar 2014

Update - The techniques described in this article are still valid, but the code for this has been transformed into a slush template.

Gulp introduction 24 Feb 2014

Gulp is a task running, that is useful for automating development tasks. In this article I will cover an introduction to using it, and why.

One game per week 22 Feb 2014

I'm being inspired. Before I took my current job, I was hungry for games. I entered Ludum Dare three times, and I thought I did quite well. My job is a curse and a blessing. I get to work on some amazing projects and with some top clients (shameless plug). Because I'm inspired at work, I get home and don't feel the need to build more games.

Gulp 21 Feb 2014

There is a lot of talk on the net about node build tools. It seems like there is a new one out each week. The most popular at the moment seems to be Grunt. It changed the way I built my sites, and helped to speed up my development. Time has passed, and I'm changing to Gulp.

Ludum Dare 26 29 Apr 2013

So I entered anther Ludum Dare, with the theme was 'Minimalism'. I decided to build a game I've had in mind for a while. It is base in the classic Amega game 'Atoms'. To make it more confusing for me, I thought I would do a hexagonal grid.

Ludum Dare 25 17 Dec 2012

After the warm up weekend I felt more prepared to build a game that the first Ludum Dare competition. The theme was 'You are the Villain', but it was nearly the 'end of the world' (due to the Mayan calendar ending). I took both themes on to spice it up.

Ludum Dare 25 - warm up 08 Dec 2012

After the first Ludum Dare I felt like a needed to prepare more, and so I took the opportunity to create a little JavaScript scene to test out some particle physics.